Dental implants have the appearance and feel of natural teeth and are easy to care for. They give long-term results and allow the patient to enjoy a wider variety of foods compared with mobile prosthetics (full and partial dentures).

A large number of people have minor or major tooth loss during their lifetime. Tooth loss can be due to dental caries, accidents or periodontitis (disease of the tissues and bone which support the teeth). Neglecting to replace lost teeth results in functional problems, since teeth have the tendency to move towards closing the gaps, leading to abnormal occlusion, or closure. In addition, oral hygiene is more difficult due to food being lodged in the gaps, and the danger of fracturing neighboring teeth increases due to increased activity. When tooth loss affects back teeth, stomach problems and digestion difficulties arise due to inadequate chewing. Loss of front teeth causes aesthetic problems as well as speech difficulties, often affecting the individual’s self-esteem and sociality.

Dental implants replace lost teeth in the best possible way, thereby preventing neighboring teeth from grinding as well from the burden of larger chewing forces. Implants maintain the bone in the area by avoiding gradual jaw atrophy, which can result in aesthetic changes of facial characteristics, such as tired and aged appearance.

Patients with full dentures can obtain either more stable dentures or even an immobile prosthetic. The implanting procedure is carried out with local anesthesia, and most patients claim that the associated discomfort was much less than they expected.

Implants look and feel like natural teeth, are easy to care for, have lasting results and allow a larger variety of foods to be enjoyed. A CT scan is performed prior to implant placement in order to correctly assess the case, and to ensure accurate design and safety of the result. The clinic works in collaboration with a specialized dentist to implant high quality implant systems, which are accompanied by a multi-year guarantee in writing.


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