More than 20 years of experience

With years of experience and continual following of new developments in dentistry, we provide the best possible result, with regards to dental and oral hygiene as well as to your shining smile.

Our Values

Some of the “values” which characterize our work:


Outstanding expertise

Emphasis on detail and aesthetics

Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere

Maintenance of health/hygiene standards

Patient-Dentist relationship based on trust

Special care for children

Guarantee of high quality dental care

Our Promise

Responsible, high quality dental care with respect for every patient. My guiding principle is to provide high quality dental care. My goal is to help you achieve and/or maintain lifelong dental health. I work at ensuring that my patients receive effective and safe treatment of their dental issues. Your health is my highest priority.

All the reasons above gave me the incentive to open a more modern, more functional clinic equipped with instruments based on the latest standards of hygiene and sterilization.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any dental issue you may have. We promise to find the best possible solution to your problem.